Wolf's Hunger - tradition of hospitality

For nearly 20 years we charm our guests with the traditional taste of homemade dishes .

Group of loyal customers looking for highland climate, coming back again and again to us keeps getting bigger and bigger.

It should be noted however, that " Wolf's Hunger " is not just a tavern and hotel, but also a place where you can organize an unforgettable special event
Why is it worth to visit our tavern?

For at least four reasons:

First – to taste amazing cuisine, you can't tase anywhere else.

Second – because it's easy to come by driving from Cracow to the south of Poland (only 30 minutes from Cracow city centre is enought to feel the mountain climate).

Third – Wolf's Hunger geographical location is great accomodation base if only you wish to visit either Cracow or Tatry mountains.

Since the beginning of our existence, we have great catering offer.
and that's the fourth reason, it's worth to visit Wolf's Hunger.
If you're looking for catering services at absolutely professional level, offered by experts with over 20 years of experience  – feel free to contact us!

Come and taste the amazing delights offered by one and only Wolf's Hunger.